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Ford Fiesta R4

Technical specification

1.6 Turbo / 263 HP / 382 Nm
Sadev 5 speed sequential
Custom build Nadaltech suspension
1230 KG
Braid 15x7” gravel and 18x8” tarmac
Pirelli / Michelin
Grey inside / white outside

Sparco seats and harness
Lifeline extinguisher system
AP and Goodridge components


Safety is our top priority

Each car is equipped with FIA certified roll cage, fire suppression system and top harness equipment. The design includes non mandatory safety extensions, including high energy absorption foams or safe fuel cell.

R4 Rally Car Roll Cage

A true top class

R4 Rally Car Schema

Strength and reliability

All the elements of the car have been developed to withstand the challenges of gravel and tarmac rallying.

Reducing maintenance costs

Parts undergoing major wear and tear are standard and available locally (ball joints, ball bearings…).

Controlled engine cost

The engine is very close to its standard spec which allows moderate running costs and good reliability for high levels of performance.

Multifunction parts

Hub carriers and brake calipers are identical on all 4 wheels and compatible on both tarmac and gravel versions. Suspension triangles are also identical on both sides of the vehicle as well as on gravel and tarmac con gurations.

The only parts differing between tarmac and gravel versions are:

  • Brake discs and their mounting bells.
  • Interface between hub carriers and suspension triangles.
  • Shock absorbers.

Optional equipment

Conversion kit from gravel to tarmac and tarmac to gravel

Conversion kit from gravel to tarmac and tarmac to gravel

Cockpit accessories

Cockpit accessories

Optional body color

Optional body color

Lamp pod complete

Lamp pod complete

Eligible championships

All regional championships on all 5 continents

The R4 class has been approved by all kinds of regional championships. MERC, APRC, NACAM, ERC… (RC2).

All national championships on all 5 continents

R4 class cars will be allowed to enter all kinds of championships worldwide (under the agreement of local Federations).

All WRC events outside europe

The FIA is currently considering including R4 in its WRC programme in the near future.

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R4 Rally Cars